Will Flonase Help You Kick the Allergy Season?


Allergies can come and go each and every season. Why not prevent it as well as treat the symptoms. Flonase is a nasal spray for adults as well as children 2 and older. It treats seasonal and yearly allergy symptoms which involve sneezing, itchy, runny eyes, runny noses and congestion in the nose area.

How to Use

You would spray Flonase twice in each nostril every 12 hrs or other wise suggested by your doctor. It usually lasts for about 12 hours after usage. For best results, keep using it daily and remember that it will take time for your nose to adjust and clear. You can only purchase Flonase if it’s prescribed by a doctor.

This nose spray is one which I am on yearly and it does help the allergies and congestion which occurs each season. Flonase does work and is ok to use rather than Afrin or any other over the counter nose spray.

Side effects

Flonase is not right for everyone just like any other medication. Just make sure to tell your doctor if you have or have had glaucoma or cataracts, liver disease, herpes simples virus of the eye, tuberculosis, sores or ulcers in the nose cavity, or if you have had a recent surgery or injury to your nose. Side effects come with any type of medicine or nose spray you use. Flonase has a few symptoms which involve nosebleeds or nasal sores, nasal fungal infection, glaucoma or cataracts, fever, chills, or flu like symptoms.

There are also less serious side effects that go along with this nose spray such as headaches or back pain, minor nose bleeds, menstrual problems or loss of interest in sex, sinus pain, sore throat and a cough, or white patches inside or around your nose. It’s not too common but they can happen. If this does occur seek medical attention immediately.

No matter what type of medication or nose spray you ever take, if you notice something that is not regular you should always call your physician and stop taking that medication immediately. And again always make sure if you are on any other medications to let your doctor know.

It is better to avoid allergic reactions, do not let it happen. For tips to preventing allergies, one of the useful websites for reference is AllergyHacks. I got valuable information there.


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